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ChurchBooks3 Church Software | Church Accounting


Church Management Software

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Church Bookkeeping

Churchbooks3 is easy-to-use church software created for the church alone. With this affordable software, you can keep track of membership, track groups, monitor attendance, events, and financial expenditures. ​Many church programs today are complicated name brand products that require hours of training and re-training staff member often times losing the simplicity and transparency needed to demonstrate good stewardship.

Church Membership Program

ChurchBooks3 is an all-inclusive church management application that not only handles your membership contributions but with a host of other administrative tasks keeping all your church data private in one central location. Church Accounting Software that demonstrates just how easy it is to use a church management system. All your church management and accounting software task are combined in one simple to use application.

Simple and Easy to Use

Churchbooks3 simplifies the reporting process by offering a one-click report button and print your monthly, quarterly or year-end reports that demonstrate the differences between what was taken in and what was paid out to departments, groups and vendors alike. The budget allows you to set a budget for each group and then track the progress in real time. Last but not least track employee and guest speaker payments and tax information​.

Live Demonstration - No Credit Card Required!

We make every effort to ensure that the ChurchBooks3 program is the right program for your local church. Join the free Webinar at 7:00 PM Eastern every Thursday or schedule your one-on-one demonstration with a customer support specialist.


  • It looks like this is the software we need!

    Jarrell Correll
  • This program seems very user-friendly and I think it would be a great asset to the church. Thanks for all your quick replies on the emails. You have been a tremendous help. Be blessed and continue to allow God to use you

    T Smith
  • Yes, Perfect!

    Michael Forrest
  • This application is so much simpler than what we've been doing for years. It will definitely cut down on time and report preparation. Thank you for the excellent demonstration. God Bless!

    Mary Gaines
  • I definitely agree that simple is better and I don't think it can be any simpler or any better than this. It definitely looks very user-friendly, easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to understand. Great software. Thank you very much and I look forward to using it. May God bless you all!

    J.R. Moreira
  • Amazing!

    Peteli Solo
  • Love it.

    New Creature Baptist Church

Shared Services

Hanner Communications

Need a Team Solution?

ChurchBooks3 is a stand-alone program. This means it is generally loaded on one computer and is not networked to share over the internet. This type of deployment works great for most but not for all.
Ask us about our SharePoint team option.

ChurchBooks3 SP

We host your ChurchBooks3 program data on a secure Office 365 SharePoint server. This allows multiple users to access the ChurchBooks3 program data from anywhere there is an internet connection. Design a happier Office.

Beyond SharePoint

Getting more done requires teamwork. Centralizing your office network may appear to be out of reach, until now. Pull your team together with extension dialing, auto attendants, virtual desktops, virtual servers, and beyond.

More information

More information

More information

Free Presentation Software

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Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns, we are dedicated to your success!

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